Zale is a female character in the Zale Show.

Vital statistics
Position umberon-devioist
Age 11
Status expert
Physical attributes
Height 5' 1"
Weight 58 lb.

Depiction in the series Edit

"Zale is friendly and sweet. She loves telling jokes and making her friends laugh till their sides hurt!" --Trading card

Zale has brown hair with a long bang that hangs over her eye, which changes sides between her positions. She always wears a white dress with purple tank top box sleeves. She has tan 'umbreon' ears (pronounced 'umberon' in the show to avoid copyright infringement with Pokémon) with a black stripe wrapping around near the top like her mother. She also has ivory wings that were revealed in The Wing's The Thing by Liontell. Her best friend is Katie.

Backstory Edit

Zale was born on the planet Delvisomcist (del-VEE-som-sist). It is a red planet with golden rings, much like Saturn, but with craters. Her mother, Erasta (ee-RAHS-tah) is an umberon and looks identical to the Pokémon umbreon. Her father, Temtess (TEM-tiss), is a devioist, a type of winged human-like creature with green scaly claw feet and hair falling over its eyes.

Temtess (top) and Erasta (bottom).